‘The Love Ranch’ Red Carpet Premiere Photos

Helen Mirren is quite the hullabaloo generator these days! She appears topless in a photo spread for New York Magazine, and her new role in Love Ranch as Grace Botempo (a madame in a Reno whorehouse) is sure to make Tom Brady nudge and whisper to wife Gisele Bundchen in the theater, “she’s got a lot on you.”

And she does! She makes Gisele look like a blade of grass after it gets cut up by a a lawnmower, which means she thrusts Taryn Manning out from under the spell of her Britney Spears-befriending and unicorn t-shirt wearing customs. That’s no mean feat. And Kristen Stewart even looks a little somewhat halfway decent under the protection of the Mirren force field. But that Bai Ling man…she’s one hell of a resistant strain of something.


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