The Many (Unchanging) Faces of Edward Norton


The Many Faces of Edward Norton

You don’t have to look further than Edward Norton‘s IMDb page to see the proof of the veteran actor’s wonderfully diverse and colorful (no pun intended, Hulk fans) career. He’s played a priest, a beast and at least four borderline psychotic cinematic individuals.

And yet, as illustrious and admirable as his career has been, what is perhaps even more admirable is the way with which Norton has grown… or, the way in which he hasn’t. I posit to you my own theory as to this movie star’s boyishly handsome secret: Edward Norton does not age.

A person is a person, and as with all persons, facial features don’t change too drastically (unless you go and Bruce Jenner yourself). However, Norton seems to have mastered the art of the aging actor — so much so, in fact, that I invite you to join me on my journey through the short visual history of the Bourne Legacy star’s ever-unchanging face. Norton, ho!

NortonPrmailFear_200_073012.jpgPrimal Fear (1996)

Distinguishing feature: A youthful hair swoop that would make even Leo DiCaprio swoon.

Minor changes since last movie: None — this is Patient Zero, people!

NortonAmericanHistory_200_073012.jpgAmerican History X (1998)

Distinguishing feature: A goatee stolen from Johnny Depp‘s box of facial hairs.

Minor changes since last movie: He shaved off the swoop (que tragique!) and adopted some gravely serious ‘brows.

NortonFIghtClub_200_073012.jpgFight Club (1999)

Distinguishing feature: Heavy bags under his eyes, sinking low like an overly ambitious old woman who bought too much produce at Whole Foods and now has to carry it back twenty blocks.

Minor changes since last movie: More hair topside, less hair chin-side.

NortonKEepingFaith_200_073012.jpgKeeping The Faith (2000)

Distinguishing feature: Blonde!!

Minor changes since last movie: Blonde… also, more sleep.

NortonRedDRagon_200_073012.jpgRed Dragon (2002)

Distinguishing feature: An inquisitive pout.

Minor changes since last movie: Stubble? Really, he looks the same. The same!

NortonItalianJob_200_073012.jpgThe Italian Job (2003)

Distinguishing feature: A meticulous moustache that’s equal parts John Waters and Sinestro.

Minor changes since last movie: Flavor saver!

NortonDownVally_200_073012.jpgThe Painted Veil (2006)

Distinguishing feature: Ambrosial blonde curls.

Minor changes since last movie: He speaks Chinese in this one.

NortonHulk_200_073012.jpgThe Incredible Hulk (2008)

Distinguishing feature: Giant green mutant humanoid monster.

Minor changes since last movie: Haircut.

NortonStone_200_073012.jpgStone (2010)

Distinguishing feature: Look at them dreadlocks! He’s like Snoop Dogg, only slightly less Dogg and slightly more Snoopy.

Minor changes since last movie: Green is really only a summer color.

NortonMoonRise_300_073012.jpgMoonrise Kingdom (2012)

Distinguishing feature: Man boy-scout chic.

Minor changes since last movie: Organizational membership and a clean shave.

NortonLegacy_200_073012.jpgThe Bourne Legacy (2012)

Distinguishing feature: Woah. Edward. Did you just age fifty years in less than six months!?

Minor changes since last movie: HE’S… OLD!

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