See What ‘The Matrix’ Would Be Like If Your Mom Wrote It

Credit: Youtube

It’s not Mother’s Day just yet, but one Internet mom is already getting her share of attention. YouTube user PixelsPerSecond asked his mother to retell the beloved sci-fi flick The Matrix as she saw it, and in return, he animated it and served her up to the Interet masses. 

Now, Mom (as we’ll call her for these purposes) may not be right about much of the movie – how the hell did she get to  “Moshimo” instead of “Morpheus” anyway? – but her version of the story just might be more enjoyable than the original. Sorry, Wachowskis. There are twists! (Neo transforms into Leo DiCaprio!) And turns! (Did Walmart provide all those guns?) And epic questions! (Okay, really, who the heck is Moshimo?) 

Find out, when Mom tells us the story of Neo (or is it Neil?) and how he “beat out” the Matrix. 

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