The Megan-Fox-With-Angel-Wings Movie Goes Straight To DVD

Megan FoxMovies that go straight to DVD are the best, and no, there is not a hint of sarcasm in that statement. Straight to DVD movies are rubbish, complete trash. But the people behind them think there is something worthwhile (read: they think the audience is made up of idiots) that warrants its release into the dustbins of Walmart and Blockbuster (JK — RIP, pourin’ out some 40s for ya buddy).

Which means that there must be something seriously fucked up with Passion Play, the Toronto International Film Festival favorite (now that was sarcasm) that stars Mickey Rourke as a man longing for Megan Fox — who happens to have angel wings. Oh yeah, Bill Murray is in it too, as a gangster.

What does this all mean? Well, it probably means the people who bought the rights to the film somehow thought that the people who laughed and walked out during the film’s original screenings were actually an indication that moviegoers would be willing wait in line at their local theaters for the flick. But instead, it didn’t work out that way. You can now get Passion Play in the value bin along with Mean Girls 2.

Source: Vulture