‘The Mortal Instruments’: ‘Mad Men’ Meets ‘Game of Thrones’ as Series Stars Join YAF film

Jared HarrisRemember that glorious two month period earlier this year when Sunday nights, for the first time in history, meant new episodes of Mad Men and Game of Thrones were on the way? If this is the kind of news that made April of 2012 the happiest month of your life, then you’ll practically melt over the following news: the developing adventure-drama film The Mortal Instruments has just added two new stars — one from Madison Avenue, one from Westeros.

The Harald Zwart (director of the Jaden Smith version of The Karate Kid) film will now feature Jared Harris, Mad Men‘s fish-out-of-water Lane Pryce, and Lena Headey, who plays the villainous, incestuous monarch Cersei Lannister on Thrones. Two celebrated actors who have contributed more than their share to their respective programs. The Hollywood Reporter revealed the news, and Hollywood.com has confirmed Headey’s casting.

Among the existing cast is star Lily Collins, who plays a young girl whose mother is the victim of a demon kidnapping. In an effort to rescue her mother, the girl learns a great deal of supernatural surprises about her background. The story comes from the novel The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare.

This isn’t the first time the worlds of Mad Men and Thrones have collided. The NBC sitcom 30 Rock has featured stars of both series, Jon Hamm (Don Draper on Mad Men) and Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister on Thrones) as guest starring love interests to Tina Fey’s Liz Lemon. Both… didn’t work out too well.

[Photo Credit: David Edwards/Daily Celeb]


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