The Most Egregious Comic Book Adaptation Changes


Comic ErrorsIt’s impossible to leave one midnight screening of a superhero movie without hearing some costumed fan boy tsking, “Well, that’s not how it was in the comic book!” Sometimes that is a really annoying criticism. After all, we have to keep in mind that screenwriters have to re-imagine broad material for the big screen and take shortcuts to filter a lot of story into a less-than-two-hour movie. Still, there are some liberties that have been taken with our favorite caped crusaders over the years that are completely inexcusable. Here are nine cardinal sins filmmakers committed adapting comics into movies.

NEXT: was a very good and very enjoyable super hero movie. One of my favorites, in fact. However, everything about it is completely opposite from the comic book, except for the initial friendship between Professor X and Magneto before they became rivals. Actually, most of the characters in the movie were introduced in more recent years than in the past when the action takes place. And Moira MacTaggert wasn’t a CIA agent, but a scientist who was also Prof. X’s lover. That’s just one of many quibbles the die-hards will have. Still, I can’t wait for the sequel.