John Cusack Loses His Mind in the Dark Thriller ‘The Numbers Station’ — EXCLUSIVE

Credit: Image Entertainment

After years of stereo seranades, self-defining skiing competitions, Top 5 lists, and the loving of dogs, John Cusack seems to have finally gone off the deep end. His character Emerson is falling to pieces — as far as we can tell from the below exclusive featurette from the new thriller The Numbers Station — thanks to a career in the high-stakes, morally grey black ops game. However, it’s nothing a rural getaway can’t fix! … Though this particular countryside respite does involve a new life-or-death case for Emerson. Not exactly your Caribbean cruise.

The featurette introduces viewers to Emerson’s character and the dark, action- and drama-laden film itself, with Cusack and producer Sean Furst detailing the depths to which this brooding story travels. Check out the video, and catch The Numbers Station, also starring Malin Akerman, in theaters Apr. 26.

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