The Oddest Cinematic Pets

Everyone loves pets! They’re cute, adorable, and sometimes they do something funny on camera that can get you a billion hits on Youtube. But cats and dogs get boring sometimes, you know? Even hamsters loose their charm when you realize all they do is sit around all day and they never play with the wheel even after you train him to run on the stupid wheel, DAMMIT MR. HAMSTER-PANTS WHY ARE YOU NOT RUNNING ON YOUR WHEEL?! Awww, he’s so cute when he drinks water!

Anyway, sometimes people change it up with odd pets and no one does it better than these movie characters, so here’s our collection of our favorite odd pets on film:

The Penguins in Mr. Popper’s Penguins


Ok, so he has a bunch of penguins and he teaches them to dance to Vanilla Ice? Awww.


Rodolfo in Along Came Polly


The only reason this movie makes the list because the funniest thing about it is how Jennifer Aninston drags the blind ferret around and it runs head first into thing.

Hedwig in Harry Potter


How popular was Harry’s owl Hedwig? (Spoiler but if this is honestly spoiled for you then you should have your internet rights revoked) When Hedwig died, the audience in my theater cried out in a chorus of awws.

K-9 in Doctor Who


True, this might not be a living “pet” but how many of these other pets can shoot lasers out of their nose? Didn’t think so.

Everything else in Ace Ventura


Missing your favorite animal on this list? Ace probably has it.

Yoshi in Super Mario


Pfft, you think a ferret or an owl is cool? Mario’s pet is a DINOSAUR and he RIDES it.

Donald in The Falconer

A good pet is loyal, playful, and a companion. A great pet has a gambling problem.


An elephant that thinks he’s the dog? We’re gonna need more peanut butter.

Bubastis in Watchmen


What is that? I wants one!