The One | 2011

Drama, Comedy
Daniel a successful banker who has a beautiful fiancée, but he has always been attracted to Tommy. After a few drinks, the two men have an affair. When Tommy falls for Daniel, he goes back to his fiancée, but the ...more


... Daniel


... Tommy


... Alex


... Sandra


... Daniel Sr.



Production Company


Daniel looks to have the perfect life--he has a successful career as an investment banker, a great family and a beautiful fiancée. But there is one temptation that may derail his plans. It turns out that he has a thing for Tommy, a charming former college classmate who is now openly gay. After a few drinks, Daniel succumbs to his repressed desires and ends up in the arms of Tommy. Soon after their initial tryst, the normally jaded Tommy falls head over heels in love, but Daniel wants nothing more of him. He is back with Jen, determined to marry her. With Tommy's friends warning him against his involvement with a straight man and Daniel's pledge of heterosexually, it would seem that any potential for a relationship was over. But love and lust have a way of messing up even the best laid plans of man.