‘The Other Guys’ tops $100 million!


073781H1.jpgTuesday Daily Box Office Rally

‘Takers’ leads a terrific Tuesday for Sony Pictures which gives them the number one film for the day and gives ‘The Other Guys’ $100 million status as it becomes the 12th summer film this year to cross the box office milestone.

First Place – Takers‘ takes the top spot at the Tuesday box office with $1.74 million after a photo finish for the weekend with ‘The Last Exorcism’ as the Paul Walker ensemble heist drama brings its savings account to $24.01 million.

Second Place – ‘The Last Exorcism‘ scares up a devilish $1.25 million in its fourth day of release against a total of $22.98 million after a roller-coaster ride of a weekend that saw its fortunes rise on Friday and drop on Saturday and Sunday.

Third Place – ‘Eat Pray Love‘ moved up from fourth place with a Tuesday total $1.05 million and a domestic cumulative $62.4 million.

Daily Box Office Top 12 Movies for Tuesday, August 31, 2010:

Movie Title Monday Gross Theatres Per-Theatre Average Domestic Total
1.   Takers

$1.74M 2,206 $791 $24.01M
2.  The Last Exorcism $1.25M 2,874

$438 $22.97M
3.   Eat Pray Love $1.06M 3,108 $340 $62.39M
4.   The Expendables

$1.05M 3,398

$310 $84.00M
5.   The Other Guys

$729k 3,181

$229 $100.38M
6.   The Switch    $623k 2,017

$309 $17.5M
7.   Nanny McPhee Returns $588k 2,798

$210 $18.01M
8.   Inception  

$584k 2,070 $282 $271.61M
9.   Piranha 3D

$558k 2,491 $224 $19.28M
10. Vampires Suck $454k 3,233

$140 $28.68M
11. Avatar: Special Edition

$419k 812

$516 $754.6M
12. Despicable Me $366k 1,833 $200 $236.93M

*Tuesday daily box office numbers provided by Hollywood.com Box Office.

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