‘The Possession’ Tops Slow Weekend Box Office

ALTIt was the lowest grossing overall weekend of the year (with an expected $65 million to $68 million for the ENTIRE weekend) and one of the lowest grossing weekends of the past 10 years. Clearly there was not a lot of momentum coming out of Labor Day due to a rather slow end of summer season.

The post-Labor Day weekend is always slow, but with no strong newcomer (like last year at this time with Warner Bros. Contagion and its $22.4M debut), and little holdover strength as evidenced by the first place movie Lionsgate’s The Possession earning just $9.5 million, the results were less than spectacular. At least Lionsgate had a good weekend with three movies in the Top 15.

Bright spot was the IMAX re-release of Raiders of the Lost Ark which earned $1.75 million in just 267 theaters for the best per-theater average ($6,554) in the Top 20.

Thankfully we have Sony’s Resident Evil 5 in 3D/IMAX on the way and Disney’s Finding Nemo 3D re-release to get us back on track next weekend.

Weekend Box Office (Estimates)
Top Movies for Weekend of September 7, 2012
Movie Weekend Gross Total to Date
1 The Possession (PG-13) $9.5M $33.3M
Lawless (R) $6.0M $23.5M
3 The Words (PG13) $5.0M $5.0M
The Expendables 2 (R) $4.75M $75.4M
The Bourne Legacy (PG13) $4.0M $103.7M