Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman Release Some Demons in ‘The Railway Man’ Trailer

War lives in you. It gets into your skin and burrows its way down, deep. It festers and lives on long after graves are dug and treaties are inked. In the new trailer for The Railway Man, Colin Firth brings war home, and when the chance for revenge becomes apparent, he takes it back to the pacific.

In the film, Eric (Firth) and his wife Patti (Nicole Kidman) are by all accounts, a happy couple, but under the veneer of marriage, Eric hides a dark and secret pain that begins to fester within him. Eric is revealed to be a former POW imprisoned by the Japanese after allied forces surrender their troops in Singapore. As a prisoner, he is tortured and tormented, but only survives for the promise that he might one day get his chance for vengeance. When that day comes, he goes to pay his tormentor back for all the wrongs he suffered. But will killing the man bring him solace.

The Railway Man

The Railway Man premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and looks to be a sprawling war story spanning different continents and time periods, from damp England, to the sweltering Asian jungle. Beyond all of that, it looks like a film about releasing your demons and finally letting the stain of vengeance wash away.

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