‘The Sitter’ Takes Jonah Hill to New Comedic Lengths in New Red Band Trailer

Jonah HillThe Sitter might very well take Jonah Hill to his comedic extremity. Hill has been involved in varying degrees of gross-out, shock-value, slapstick comedy movies over the past few years, and pushing the boundaries in all these and several other levels is his upcoming film The Sitter.

Hill plays a crude twentysomething slacker who takes on a one-night job babysitting the three nightmare children (Max Records, Landry Bender and Kevin Hernandez) of his mother’s friend. Staying home with them is trouble enough for Hill, but the hazards escalate when he drags the underaged trio along with him to a party in hopes of a night of romantic passion with his would-be girlfriend (Ari Graynor). Hill escorts the kids through drug deals, bar fights, car chases, and doubtlessly other inappropriate and dangerous scenarios.

So, as you can see in the below NSFW red band trailer, there isn’t much water left untread by The Sitter in terms of Hill’s style of comedy. Does this mean we’ll be seeing him take a dramatic turn? Perhaps he’ll venture into the horror genre? Musicals? Yeah. Let’s go with musicals. 

Source: IGN