‘The Smurfs’ Sequel Announced for 2013

SmurfsIt’s hard to deter a Smurf—they’re a spirited, diligent super-organism that seems to have developed an uncorrupt manifestation of socialism and have avoided the wrath of a wizard dozens of times their size for over three decades. So how could we expect that they’d be stopped after just one movie?

In light of the fiscal majesty The Smurfs movie has thus far incurred this summer, Sony is already confirming that a sequel will be prepared for August 2, 2013. It’s certainly no surprise—it’s almost abnormal for an animated movie nowadays to go unexpanded.

No details other than the mention of Jordan Kerner’s return as executive producer have been announced, so we have quite a while before we find out what the Smurfs will be up to. Thus, we speculate: The Smurfs Go Hollywood? The Smurfs Escape from Alcatraz? Rise of the Planet of the Smurfs? If only. If only.

Source: The Wrap