The ‘Something Borrowed’ Trailer Is Based On You

STOP ME IF THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO YOU, BECAUSE I’M SURE IT HAS, BECAUSE IT WAS MADE INTO A ROMANTIC COMEDY, WHICH BY DEFINITION IS SOMETHING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO EVERYONE! Okay, so overzealous and nerdy law student (YOU, DUH) responds to someone talking to her (STILL YOU!) without thinking to first push up her glasses a bit and realizes that she has somehow entered the gaze of a very NOT OPEN FOR DISCUSSION AT ALL good-looking guy. This guy becomes her best friend, even though there are laws about friendships crumbling when one person is BLAAAAATANTLY better looking than the other person. Things continue completely unevenly until world’s collide (THAT WAS THE FIRST SEINFELD REFERENCE I’VE EVER MADE IN MY LIFE!) and the nerdy lawyer’s best female friend meets the man that the nerdy lawyer is in love with (who she has disguised to the entire world, along with herself, as just her male best friend). So of course, this prettier woman who probably works in fashion and has a Blackberry for every person who ever contacts her, establishes a relationship with the nerdy lawyer’s male friend, totally unaware that the nerdy lawyer girl is in love with him. Then they get engaged, and things really get bad because the nerdy lawyer OF COURSE has to help her best friend plan her wedding, REGARDLESS of the fact that the groom is the man of her dreams because he looked past all the saliva stains on her velvet couch and befriended her for life. But then, things get even more uncomfortable when after some drinks, the nerdy lawyer and her handsome best friend who’s engaged to the nerdy lawyer’s other best friend HAVE SEX. THAT’S RIGHT, THE SEX YOU HAVE AND THEN CANNOT STOP YOURSELF FROM TELLING EVERYONE ABOUT! So that obviously presents a problem because the person the nerdy lawyer wants to tell most HAPPENS TO BE her best female friend, WHO HAPPENS TO BE MARRYING the man the nerdy lawyer just had sex with. SO OBVIOUSLY the nerdy lawyer cannot say anything and must help her sexy fashion friend with her wedding. How does it end? YOU SHOULD KNOW, silly. OBVIOUSLY it ends with a broken nose for John Krasinski! Yep, that is the end. But you already know that because this whole entire thing has happened to you in real life, which means you should pause the screenshot of the credits to see if you’ve been the writing credit you are clearly owed.