The Stars Talk Horror In ‘Wish Upon’ Interview


In ‘Wish Upon’ Clare (King) is a high schooler who is given a music box from her father (Phillippe). The music box grants wishes, but as Ryan (Lee) discovers the price for each wish granted is the death of another, and the wisher finds it harder and harder to stop.

In the above interview, the cast and director discuss the horror and how this film relates to other films. Ryan Phillippe discusses how this is a horror film he can get behind like one of his past films, Director John R Leonetti (who happened to direct another horror franchise Annabelle as well as work on Insidious and Dead Silence)  talks about how to truly scare someone, Joey King explains how the music box is more than just an object, Shannon Purser tells us why this movie won’t win any Oscars and why that’s ok, and Ki Hong Lee prepares us for what’s instore.


‘Wish Upon’ releases July 14, 2017.