‘The Thing’ Clip: Wait for It… Wait for It…

The original The Thing, released in 1982, is a celebration of pure, unapologetic horror movies. It runs entirely on the diesel fuel of fea, how to toy with its viewers.

Horror is a tricky genre. It has a niche audience—perhaps the largest of the niche audiences, but one nonetheless. And it’s not a particularly revered genre, critically. There are a couple of exceptions to this: The Exorcist comes to mind first and foremost. But horror will never please everyone.

Thus, horror movies deserve more respect for what they do. They evoke a very, very real response from their viewers. This is exactly what the upcoming remake of The Thing attempts to deliver in the below clip. Expect to be frightened. Just don’t expect to know when to expect it.

Click the clip. Embrace your fear. And wait for it… wait for it… waaaaaaiiiiiit foooooor iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit…

Source: Indiewire