The ‘Think Like a Man’ Trailer Makes Us Think: What Is This Movie About?

Call me stupid, but after watching the below trailer for Think Like a Man, I’m still not entirely sure what the movie is about.

It starts out with a group of women who are disatisfied with the behavior and maturity levels of their boyfriends. And then, Steve Harvey writes this book that is meant to teach them how to “think like a man.” So far, so good…but after that, it gets a bit confusing.

I’m not sure in what way the women use the book to their advantage, except for the fact that a good deal of “long-term goals” questions are asked. I know at some point, the men find out about this book, although how this plays out is also a mystery. And I am really uncertain as to what any of this has to do with the opening scene of the trailer, where the group of guys is bullied off a basketball court by a team of much taller men.

But I implore the lot of you to watch the trailer and educate me. See what you can pick up on. Maybe the plot is a nonlinear one, and the story is simply a study of adult romantic relationships. Maybe there’s an elaborate conspiracy in which the book is used to brainwash the public into buying Soylent Green, or something (probably closer to the first one). Whatever it is, I know there’s more to Think Like a Man than I’m understanding. So what do you think?

Think Like a Man, starring Michael Ealy, Jerry Ferrara, Meagan Good, Regina Hall, Kevin Hart, Taraji P. Henson, Terrence J, Jenifer Lewis, Romany Malco and Gabrielle Union, comes out in the spring of 2012.


Source: Yahoo