The Three-Breasted Alien in ‘Total Recall’ and Other Pop Culture Twos Gone Awry


Three Breasted Lady

“You’re gonna wish you had three hands.” Well, not so fast there, three-breasted alien prostitute from the upcoming remake of Total Recall. While the unnatural space creation (played in the 2012 reboot by Kaitlyn Leeb, pictured) may be revving the engine of sci-fi nerds all over again, there’s some things that are better left as twos. 
From creepy three-eyed raven from Game of Thrones that will haunt your dreams to the ridiculous “Rule of Three” in American Pie 2 to — wait, there’s a third Olsen sister? — there’s plenty in pop culture that has made us do a triple take. 
Check out our gallery of things from TV and movies that latched on a third, making us wonder if three times is really a charm, after all.  

Total Recall and its three-breasted alien prostitute hits theaters nationwide on — how apropos — the third day of August.