The Three-Breasted Woman in ‘Total Recall’ and Other Creative Uses of Nudity in Films 


Three Breasted Lady

Gratuitous nudity and sci-fi/action flicks tend to go hand in hand. Or, in the case of Total Recall, hand in hand in hand. In the original Total Recall, actress Lycia Naff made for one of the most memorable nude scenes in movie history playing Mary, the Three-Breasted Alien Prostitute. 
In the 2012 reboot, which arrives in theaters today, relative newcomer Kaitlyn Leeb (pictured) follows in Naff’s footsteps by playing, well, a three-breasted woman. (And they say Hollywood has run out of original ideas!) Of course, Total Recall is hardly the only movie to get creative with nudity. From the helic***ter in Jackass 3D to the whipped cream bikini in Varsity Blues, there’s been a variety of way characters have shown off (or in the case of Austin Powers, not show off) their naughty bits. Plural. 

[Photo credit: Splash News] 

An Ode to the Three-Breasted Woman of Total Recall