‘The Three Musketeers’ Set Photos Featuring Bloom, Jovovich, Waltz

The Three Musketeers are coming next year (in 3D, of course!). This latest iteration of Alexandre Dumas’ classic tale of swordplay stars Orlando Bloom, Milla Jovovich, and Christoph Waltz, among many others. For those who can’t wait to see Mr. Bloom dressed in royalty again (seriously, it’s like the dude only acts when he can wear tights and use a sword), we have some photos from the Wuerzburg, Germany set. Check ’em out below and view the entire gallery here!

There’s one of Jovovich kissing Waltz’s hand, a few of Bloom and Jovovich talking (which we can only assume involved a lot of heavy breathing acting from Bloom), and Waltz just walking through the set, looking like the ass kicker that he is.

The Three Musketeers will no doubt, because of the 3D aspect, be nothing like classic novel. Get ready to dodge swords flying at your forehead every three seconds.