‘The Town’ Novelist Pens Another Crime Drama

John MartoranoHey Boston. How are you? You doing okay? I just ask because it seems like a lot of recent movies that are set in your fine and fair city are really disturbingly violent and filled with crime. Everything all right back home? Maybe you should take a nap.

Anyway, Boston is getting another crime drama movie. This time, Chuck Hogan, who wrote the novel The Prince of Thieves which was turned into The Town with Ben Affleck, is writing the script for the untitled film about Winter Hill Gang and its go to beat-’em-up guy, John Martorano. If movies are historically accurate and portray a realistic picture of life (which movies totally do), instead of a highly dramatized version that is more entertaining, Boston has some serious crime issues. Also, they have some boxing issues as we can see in The Fighter which has apparently spread from Philadelphia.

This film will follow the Winter Hill Gang and the subsequent court case that unraveled the corruption in the Boston FBI branch. Martorano was a chief witness who helped the government expose the decay. Which all sounds very similar to The Departed (which the producers of this new film also produced) but hey, Boston is apparently overrun by the mob and bank robbers so maybe they need the awareness.

Source: Deadline