The Trailer For ‘W.E.’ Confirms Madonna Directed The Movie

The trailer for W.E., which explores Prince Edward’s all-consuming (and completely unpopular) relationship with American Wallis Simpson has hit the Internet and I can officially confirm it was directed by Madonna. In case you weren’t around in 1936 to witness the drama, the movie’s intention was to recreate how much of a crisis erupted when the Prince fell in love with Simpson, a woman who had been divorced twice. Obviously the fact Edward was enamored with such a “used” woman put the royal family in quite a predicament, but Edward was so in love with Wallis that he ultimately abdicated the thrown and his younger brother Albert became king. (You’ll recall this issue was also included in The King’s Speech.)

I’ll leave it to other websites to go deeper and analyze all the ways this movie could’ve turned out better or worse. I will simply elaborate on the factors that indicate it was clearly directed by Madonna. I would like to firstly point out that only Madonna would deem it necessary to do a closeup on a woman who is crying so the audience can really feel her sadness, because only Madonna believes people only convey emotions through their faces. I’ll also note that while the story is certainly a fascinating and compelling event in world history, only Madonna would feel the need to create a whole different plotline in the present day that highlights how incomparable and inspiring the bond between Wallis and Edward truly was. It’s almost as if she wasn’t confident enough in the story and felt she needed to create more opportunities to demonstrate even further Edward’s tremendous love for Wallis (even though I think it’s pretty clear he loved her because he rejected the crown for her).

Source: Celebitchy