The Trailer & New Images From ‘Fast Five’

In a bold marketing move, Universal Pictures has opted to debut the trailer for its upcoming 2011 blockbuster Fast Five on star Vin Diesel’s Facebook page. It’s certainly not a normal means of distribution, but shows that the company and franchise isn’t afraid of trying new things. However, the trailer itself shows that the filmmakers know their audience and new things aren’t necessary to please fans.

Below you can see the trailer for the film, which teases the type high-octane action that has made this series one of Universal’s most beloved and enduring. Paul Walker, Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson, Jordana Brewster and many other franchise vets return to evade the meddling Dwayne Johnson, who plays a relentless federal agent hell bent on bringing Dom Toretto and his crew down once and for all.

Check out the new footage, pictures and catch Fast Five on April 29th.

Fast Five new image

Fast Five new image 2

Source: Facebook