‘The Walking Dead’ Grabs a Star from ‘The Wire’ for Season 4

‘The Walking Dead’ Grabs a Star from ‘The Wire’ for Season 4

Larry Gilliard Jr
Larry Gilliard Jr

Credit: HBO

You know the old saying: you’ve got to keep the zombies way down in the hole.

If you’re haunted by images of a flesh-hungry corpse whistling “The Cheese Stands Alone” as he strolls through the dark alleys of Georgia, it’s probably an omen for the upcoming season of The Walking Dead, which is bringing on yet another member of the HBO modern classic The Wire to join the cast. Season 4 of AMC’s zombie series will enlist the likes of Larry Gillard, Jr., known to Baltimore residents as D’Anglo Barksdale, a central player on David Simon’s critically revered program.

Gillard will take the role of Bob Stookey, a military medic and Woodbury resident plagued by alcohol abuse and armed with a self-deprecating sense of humor. Gillard joins fellow Wire vet Chad L. Coleman (The Walking Dead‘s Tyreese), who played reformed criminal Cutty Wise back in his Maryland days.

There’s little chance that the troupe will be moving up the Atlantic Coast toward the crab cake capital, but at least some of that Monument City charm might diffuse into the prison come Season 4. Who knows, this could be the onset of a pattern. How would Stringer Bell handle himself in a zombie apocalypse?

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