‘The Way, Way Back’ Clips Prove The Film to Be An Underwater Version of ‘Adventureland’

If you take Adventureland, swap out Jesse Eisenberg with Liam James, and then sink the amusement park so it becomes the Water Wizz, you have something along the lines of the Way, Way Back.

The quirky dramedy, directed and written by Nat Faxon and Jim Rash, follows oddball Duncan, who befreinds Owen, manager of Water Wizz water park. Their friendship escalates and Duncan lands a job at the park, which provides him an escape from his momma (Toni Collette) and her douchey boyfriend, played by Steve Carell.

New clips from the upcoming film portray Duncan in his “awkward-stage glory” as he treks along with his mother Pam and her boyfriend Trent (Carell) on their summer vacation. The clips feature the most uncomfortable dance-party of all time, a hilarious Maya Rudolph composing a theme for Water Wizz, and a brewing love interest for Duncan with The Carrie Diaries star Anna Sophia Robb.

There’s a chuckling moment when Duncan attempts to flirt with his “lady friend” Susanna (Robb), but he’s interuppted by his co-worker pals, which in effect utterly embarrasses Duncan and totally throws off his would-be game… yikes!

The flick features an all-star cast, but the comedic charm doesn’t exactly stir up dazzling movie magic. You can tune into the Way, way Back  when it dives into theatres on July 5th!

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