Watch Sam Rockwell Inspire the Heck Out of Everyone in ‘The Way Way Back’ Featurette

A story of growing up and staying young all in one, The Way Way Back lands young Duncan (Liam James) in the fantasy world of Water Whiz: a water park run (in the loosest sense of the word) by an overgrown child played by the great Sam Rockwell. Taking Duncan under his wing, Rockwell’s perpetual park employee Owen uses humor, enthusiasm, and a general disregard for all responsible behavior to inspire the young introvert on his path to finding himself.

Credit: Fox Searchlight

The above featurette has stars James and Rockwell discussing the characters and their journeys, with Rockwell comparing Owen to the great “man children” of cinema history, such as Walter Matthau and Bill Murray. There’s something about all these overgrown kids that we love: their spirit. And it is that same spirit that surges through The Way Way Back in its simple story about a boy figuring out how to be happy with who he is.

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