The Weinstein’s Found Someone To Direct Remake Of ‘Seven Samurai’

Seven SamuraiThere is a time, place and means of doing remakes. Every film isn’t deserving of one and the those that should (and will) be remade should  respect the original. Well, as long as the film being remade is one of the greatest films ever put to film, then it should be treated with respect.

Seven Samurai is one that needs its respect when being remade (and it is one of the few “classics” that is well suited for a re-imagining or a fresh interpretation). The Magnificent Seven? That’s how it’s done. You take the central premise – seven warriors gathering to defend a place – and then transplant it to a setting that is relevant to the audience. The original spoke to the Japanese due to samurai heritage. The American remake dealt with cowboys.

Now The Weinstein Company wants to produce a contemporary remake with paramilitary officers from around the world. From the guy who directed The Tournament, Scott Mann. Didn’t see it? That’s why you should be worried about this movie. I guess I can kind of see how bringing the officers in from all over the world shows how we have become into a global community, but it still smells too much like GI Joe. Mann has been given a $60 million budget and… yeah. It should be full of big mindless action and have nothing to do with the film that inspired every action subsequent movie until said tropes became cliches.

Source: Variety