‘The Wire’ Star Michael K. Williams IS Ol’ Dirty Bastard…in a New Movie

Michael K. WilliamsSome pieces of casting are so perfect that you assume the characters were created with their respective actors in mind. But when you’re talking about a biopic role—the portrayal of a real individual—that seems to suit its player so well, you really just have to chalk it up to the forces of the intangible Hollywood deities: Michael Kenneth Williams has been cast to play the late hip hop artist Ol’ Dirty Bastard in Dirty White Boy.

ODB, born Russell Jones, was a founding member of the Wu Tang Clan as well as a solo artist. In addition to his music, he was known for his outlandish persona and numerous legal troubles. In 2004, Jones died of a drug overdose at age 35. The biopic will explore the relationship between the music artist and VH1’s 22 year-old rapper/producer Jarred Weisfeld in the years leading to Jones’ death.
Williams, known best for his legendary role of Omar Little on The Wire, is a flawless choice to play the hip hop figure. Many of Williams’ roles to date have been that of unflappable, intimidating and intense characters. He is so well-known for the type that he even parodies it on the current season of Community. But this new role will not only build on what Williams is already known to be great at, but will give him the chance to explore a little bid of madness too.
And who doesn’t want to see Williams speeding down a California highway with a bulletproof vest and 20 vials of crack?