‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Trailer Shows Us the Ultimate ‘Leonardo DiCaprio Getting Rich’ Movie

Wolf of Wall Street TrailerMOVIECLIPS Trailers/YouTube

A remarkable amount of movies starring Leonardo DiCaprio have, in some principle fashion, revolved around money. He either has none of it (Titanic), has too much (The Aviator), gains it through illicit means (Catch Me If You Can), gets a lot to finance his corrosive quest for love (The Great Gatsby), or uses mounds of it at the expense of the very idea of civil rights and humanity (Django Unchained). But this fixation on the American dollar is hiked up to the very center of the spotlight in The Wolf of Wall Street, a movie that’s not only about getting rich or staying rich, but about every nook and cranny of the rich (and obsessively rich) person’s mind.

In the latest trailer, which showcases even more of a madcap, Machiavellian romp than the previous one did, DiCaprio exhibits his proclivities for hard work, big business, and the benefits to be reaped. Beside him is Jonah Hill, following up his Moneyball role with another performance hungry for Academy attention… this one channeling the high energy we’ve seen him display in his comedy work, but to (likely) far more sophisticated ends. But he’s still doing the stammering smartass shtick, so we’re not too far gone from Hill’s Apatow form.

Appearing to be a great leap in fun from Martin Scorsese’s last DiCaprio venture (Shutter Island), Wolf of Wall Street will either chronicle the satisfying downfall of American capitalism… or… will just show us all the fun we can have with lots of money.