Forget Samurai, Hugh Jackman Has to Deal with Jean Grey In ‘The Wolverine’ Clips

We’ve still got two more weeks until The Wolverine hits theaters (the waiting is a struggle, I know), but don’t despair! More clips are here! This movie has ninjas, vipers, swords, knife-tricks, archery, and of course, claws. But what’s a few ninjas when Logan has Jean to deal with?

Oh, you thought funerals were about mourning? Not this one.

Hand-to-hand combat on top of a train going 200 miles per hour is no big deal, right?

Vipers are dangerous. Stay away from them.

It’s official: The Wolverine is back.

The smaller they are, the more ass they kick. Never underestimate the tiny ones.

Credit: 20th Century Fox

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