‘The Wolverine’ Roars Back, Begins Shoot in August

Hugh JackmanSo it’s settled. Everyone is agreeing to forget that X-Men Origins: Wolverine ever happened, and will just treat the upcoming The Wolverine as Hugh Jackman’s Marvel hero’s complete back story. While you’re at it, you can also pretend that Australia is Japan — you’re going to have to.

After earning a release date, Jackman’s James “Logan” Howlett film has just set course for shooting. The Wolverine is being handled by Fox Studios Australia, and will duly be shot on Jackman’s home turf of Sydney, staring this August. Australia will double as Japan, where the story will take place. In the comics, Wolverine’s travels took him to Japan in the period between the first and second World Wars; during this time, the character started a family and mastered martial arts.

The production will reach an $80 million budget, and will be partially funded by the Australian government. James Mangold, who worked with Jackman on Kate & Leopold, will direct The Wolverine.


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