‘The Woman in Black’ Sequel: No Sign of Radcliffe

ALTThe Woman in Black was a turning point for Daniel Radcliffe. His first post-Potter role would be a litmus for star potential, an indicator on whether the actor had continued box office draw without his boy wizard brand. Radcliffe quickly put skeptics to rest: the supernatural horror outing went on to be a huge success, grossing a sizable $21 million opening weekend in the U.S., and going on to be the highest grossing British horror film of the last twenty years with a total of $120 million.

With those numbers, a follow-up was a sure thing, and now the creative team from the first film have announced the sequel, The Woman in Black: Angels of Death is moving forward. Author Susan Hill, WIB story editor Jon Croker and Hammer Films have all joined the project, but Radcliffe’s return is noticeably missing. Unfortunately, working him into a new movie might be a little tricky.

According to the announcement, the new movie will take place 40 years after the original and follow a new couple arriving at the Woman in Black’s creepy Eel Marsh House mansion. Anyone who has seen the first first movie will know [SPOILERS] Radcliffe didn’t survive his outing with the perturbed ghost, which would automatically leave him off the casting list for a sequel. Then again, it is a ghost story and the dead have a tendency to pop back up. Cameo?

Aside from logistical concerns, Radcliffe has made his ambition for big screen diversity clear. In an interview with Hollywood.com during The Woman in Black press tour, the young star made it clear that he was on looking for a “great part with some really big acting challenges.” A sequel may not fit the bill for his long-term plans.

But The Woman in Black: Angels of Death, Radcliffe-less or not, will be a priority for those involved, and casting news should be creeping out of the shadows sooner rather than later.

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