The Word Cloud Atlas: Big Themes, Graphic Spectacle 


So you’re hearing all this buzz about Cloud Atlas. You’ve read reviews, you’ve caught interviews with stars like Tom Hanks and Halle Berry, you’ve happened upon in-depth comparisons of the film with the novel. You really want to check out this movie. The only problem: you don’t have three hours to spare. But you at least want to be able to feign conversation when it’s brought up at parties.

Fear not: helping you lie to friends and strangers is exactly what we’re here for. Below, we’ve combined the breaking technology of the Internet creation the Word Cloud with the zany, unique dialogue of the Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer’s new movie to create (and here’s the kicker) a Word Cloud Atlas. See, the new movie is filled with names, made up words, thematic phrases, and other such linguistic notabilities that we couldn’t resist putting together in this form. The pun was just too great to pass up on.

Check out this masterful play on words (and, to a lesser extent, clouds and atlases) below, and, if you do find time in your schedule, head over to see the brilliant picture so you’ll know what some of the odd pieces of vocabulary featured below actually mean.

Word Cloud Atlas

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