There’s Still Hope For a ‘Daredevil’ Reboot

daredevilFor those who have been keeping there fingers crossed that a new Daredevil movie wouldn’t seem like it was written in crayon by someone with the barest grip on the English language, keep those fingers crossed a little tighter. It seems to be working. Fox just hired Fringe writer Brad Caleb Kane to pen the script off of Frank Miller’s Born Again run.

I’m assured by the collective internet community and comic book geeks everywhere that this is a good thing. Phew, I’m glad. Daredevil is one hell of a premise and having this talented writer working with incredible source material is good news. Now, we only have to worry about them finding a good director.

Oh wait, they hired David Slade? The guy who did Eclipse? Well, it was better than the first two they had, but that’s like saying you’d rather get hit in the head with a baseball bat than a sledgehammer. It’s still gonna hurt.

Source: AV Club