There’s Something Special About This Spider-Man In Teaser


The 2014 Sony hacks were awful and undeserved, but with that being said people got a glimpse into what new movies were possibly getting developed and one of those really stood out for me.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller were developing an animated Spider-Man film.

Those two are the creators of the Lego Movie and that movie took what could have been a very lame idea and made it something truly special. Judging from the first teaser they succeeded again. There are different Spider-Man universes in the comics, and things are different in every one. Playing off this is the “Spider-verse”, one universe where there are multiple Spider-Men. One of those happens to be Miles Morales (Shameik Moore), a very different Spider-Man then we are used to seeing.


Unfortunately as hyped as we are for this film already, ‘SPIDER-MAN: Into The Spider-Verse’ won’t be released until December 14, 2018.

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