These 10 Witch Films From The ’90s Should Definitely Be In Your Halloween Arsenal

As time goes on, it seems like we forget about some of the most iconic symbols of Halloween, witches! From family friendly witch flicks to some of a more sinister nature, here are 10 witch films from the ’90s that you must see this Halloween.

Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman teamed up for the kickass and feminist Practical Magic, as two sisters born into a magical family, but who have mostly stayed away from magic. However, when one sisters' diabolical boyfriend ends up dead, the duo team up to try and resurrect him before they are blamed for his death. If you want a crash course in witching, this is the film for you.
Based on the Roald Dahl novel of the same name, The Witches follows a young boy named Luke. While staying at a hotel with his grandmother, Luke happens upon a convention of witches. Unfortunately, he overhears The Grand High Witch's plans to turn children into mice. After being discovered and turned into a mouse himself, Luke must try and stop the witches horrible plan before it's too late. Check out the film for yourself, after all the iconic Anjelica Huston stars as The Grand High Witch.
For a bit of teen witching, you definitely have to check out The Craft. After transferring high schools, Sarah discovers that her telekinetic abilities give her an in with a group of wannabe witches. Bonnie, Michelle and Nancy are a bit rough around the edges like Sarah, so they seem like the perfect quartet. However, things turn dark quickly when the girls become dangerously obsessed with their powers. Check out The Craft for yourself, it's a cult classic for a reason.
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One of Disney Channel's most classic films Halloweentown follows Marnie, a young witch, who after discovering her powers teams up with her grandmother in order to save the iconic and mystical Halloweentown. If you love Halloweentown you'll also adore Halloweentown 2: Kalabar's Revenge and Halloweentown High.
In Hocus Pocus, we meet Max Dennison, an LA transplant to Salem, Massachusetts who lights a black flame candle and releases a trio of crazed witches. The Sanderson sisters begin wreaking havoc on the entire town, especially the children in order to have a chance at becoming immortal.
Based on the Arthur Miller play, The Crucible is the tale of a jilted young girl who gets her heart broken by her married lover. Once the man calls things off, the girl leads a group of other young women in a ritual to wish death upon his wife. Though the girls are discovered and brought to trial, accusations against the man's wife bring forth an actual witch hunt. Check out the iconic film for yourself.
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When The Blair Witch Project debuted in 1999, it kicked off the found footage craze that has given us films like Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield. The film followed three film students who travel to a small town in order to investigate the infamous Blair Witch. However, things get super terrifying when the students find themselves lost in the woods. It's not exactly witch-centric but if you're itching for a good scare be sure to check out The Blair Witch Project this Halloween.
Set in 1799 and based on the iconic tale, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow follows police constable Ichabod Crane who is sent to the bewitching town of Sleepy Hallow from New York City to investigate a series of murders. Though witches aren't at the center of this film they definitely play a role in this horror fantasy.
Matilda alum Mara Wilson stars in A Simple Wish a family-friendly Halloween flick. Wilson plays eight-year-old Annabel who calls on the the first-ever male fairy godmother, Murray to help get her father the starring role in a new musical. However, Murray bungles his spell and instead turns Annabel's dad into a statue. Check out the magical flick for yourself.
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In Casper Meets Wendy, the friendly ghost encounters Wendy, the Good Little Witch who is taking refuge with her aunt in a resort to get away from the evil and conniving warlock, Desmond. Wendy and Casper quickly bond and team up to defeat the lecherous Desmond.