11 Things That Would Happen In An American Hogwarts

J.K. Rowling recently announced that an American Hogwarts will be mentioned in the spin off film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Of course as Americans we’re excited, but we already know how things will be different. Curious as to how? Here are 11 things.

1. Teachers would just be referred to as their last names instead and we would drop the “professor” title.

daily-harry-potter: MRW I’m watching Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family and they jump from PoA to OotF.http://daily-harry-potter.tumblr.comTumblr/Warner Bros.

2. The popular sport would be a completely different game, but they would still call it Quidditch. They would argue with everyone that their Quidditch is the “real Quidditch.”

Tumblr/Warner Bros.

3. Oh and there would be cheerleaders…

cheerleader animated GIF Giphy/Warner Bros.

4. There would be a lot more dances and of course prom.

dancing animated GIF Giphy/Warner Bros.

5. Most of the teachers would be driven up the wall trying to crack down on students sneaking butterbeer to their dorms.

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6. There would be a huge debate whether there is a right to bear wands in school and really all over the country.

sik3rning: shes probably wanted to do that for a long time.Tumblr/Warner Bros.

7. The food would be more like chicken nuggets, fries, and burgers.

ilmiofollemondo: Ahah Ron mi fa morire!Tumblr/Warner Bros.

8. If all the things that went down in Harry Potter happened in the U.S., everyone would be sued for endangering children.

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9. Percy would be out of a job because there wouldn’t be any prefects.

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10. America would have houses named after presidents fitting their qualities.

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11. Letters would be carried by pigeons rather than owls since we have plenty of them.

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