‘This Is 40’ Star Paul Rudd on Maude Apatow: ‘[I’ll] Never Be That Good’ — EXCLUSIVE

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To tell his comedic tale of the ups and downs of a 40-year-old couple, Judd Apatow not only drew from his own experiences, but cast his own wife and daughters in the film. The choice makes This Is 40‘s performance completely natural and lived in and while Apatow sees that success now, he was terrified.

At a Q&A conducted for EPIX and LA Times’ Envelope Screening Series, Apatow explains, “When we first started showing it, I got deeply, deeply embarrassed. It made me kind of ill.” Apatow was thrilled by the idea of working with his family, but it quickly dawned on him the risks he was taking hiring people close to him. “I thought: what if it’s terrible? And I embarrass Maude and my family? So I was very tense trying to get it correct. It was a reckless act to put them through it.”

To hear Apatow discuss more on the making of the movie, as well as hear Paul Rudd praise Maude Apatow for her courageous work in the movie, check out the video below:

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