‘This Is It’ Boss Defends Decision to Exclude Jackson’s Death

The makers of Michael Jackson‘s This Is It documentary decided to exclude any mention of the King of Pop’s death in the concert-rehearsal movie to spare the star’s children the pain of reliving the tragedy.

Fans the world over have flocked to theaters to catch a glimpse of the “Thriller” legend practicing for his ill-fated London concerts since the film’s release on Wednesday, but they weren’t given any insight into the star’s sudden passing in June.

Music supervisor Michael Bearden reveals that the cameras captured the announcement of Jackson’s death, but he and director Kenny Ortega, along with choreographer Travis Payne, decided to leave those scenes out.

He tells MTV.com, “I’m glad we left some things out. Especially the announcement of his passing. That was filmed and we were gonna have it in, but we found we shouldn’t have it.

“His children are going to watch this film and no one would want to relive that forever. The world is already mourning, so we don’t need to force it on them.

“I think we have the great balance of his triumph and his comeback. And I’m very happy.”

Jackson’s mother Katherine and his three children were reported to have watched a private showing of the film at a screening at Sony Studios in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

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