Watch ‘This Is The End’ Cast’s Hilarious ‘Real World’ Parody

To add to the hype surrounding this summer’s apocalyptic film This Is The Endyour favorite clan of comics reunited to make their own spin on MTV’s reality show The Real World (watch above)After you watch Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, James Franco, and Jay Baruchel in The Real World: This Is The End Edition, I promise that you will never want to go back to watching MTV’s legitimate version ever again. 

The mini-episode starts off claiming that “s**t gets real” when these four stars (along with a Hooters girl and Playboy model) are trapped in the post-apocalyptic Real World: Portland house together. From arranging sleeping situations and arguing over who left the toilet seat up to casual bickering over McBride peeing literally everywhere, s**t truly does get real with this rollicking gang. 

A hilarious highlight is when the married Rogen, who is attempting to “get his cheat on” while flirting with the hot babes, unknowingly allows one of his testicless to hang out of his shorts. But fear not: Franco graciously shoves his pal’s genitalia back in for him. But before you deem Franco a great guy, the actor sneakily steals Rogen’s peanut butter. 

If This Is The End  is anything like this chuckle-prompting clip, we can’t wait to see what else this cast has in store when the movie premieres June 11th. 

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