This Is The One Question Disney Needs To Answer About ‘Frozen’

Frozen took the world by storm in late 2013 and we’ve been trying to “Let It Go” ever since. Don’t get us wrong, we love Frozen and we deeply associate with Anna. She’s our spirit animal. Our favorite snowman Olaf gives us life. But, despite all the love we have for the movie, and the fact it’s getting the Broadway treatment and a sequel, we never got the answers we need. The whole film deals with Elsa learning to come to terms with her ice powers, but never it is discussed where they came from.


Was Elsa born with these powers? Did they develop when she was small? Did she visit the trolls before Anna’s accident in the movie? Pabbie (leader of the trolls) was very familiar with her case, is that because he was the one to give her those powers? If he was so familiar with her powers, why didn’t he tell Elsa’s parents how to let her safely live with her powers? Instead, he basically lead to the events of the film by scaring Elsa’s parents and Elsa about how dangerous her powers were.


If Elsa was born with these powers, does that mean the King and Queen were not her parents? As they did not exhibit any ice powers, nor were either of her parents blonde. If Elsa isn’t their daughter, how did she wind up in Arendelle? With the King and the Queen, no less. Did they take her in for another family member? What happened to Elsa’s biological parents?


That big question aside, why didn’t Elsa’s parents realize they were setting their daughter up for a meltdown? “Conceal, don’t feel” is a terrible lesson to teach your daughter who is struggling with her differences. Especially when her differences are dangerous and potentially could kill their other daughter, given what happened the last time. Pent up powers sounds like a really bad idea, but we’ve never personally dealt with it, so we can only give our opinion on the matter. Let’s hope Frozen 2 gives us the answers to all of our questions.