This Is What Groot From ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Almost Looked Like


All Marvel fans are familiar with the chiseled, tree trunk humanoid called Groot, but did you know that the famed Guardians of the Galaxy character almost looked a whole lot different in the film?

Jackson Sze, a senior illustrator at Marvel, released early concept art for Groot — and it’s a totally different direction than they ended up taking the character.

Here’s what Groot looks like for reference.

Marvel Studios

He’s definitely human-shaped, but looks a lot like a tree trunk. His body is noticeably stiff and he has panels of bark that cover root-like muscles. You can clearly see chest and stomach muscles, and he’s very defined.

This is the original concept art.

groot early sketch

Groot looks a lot more like a root that came out of the ground. He’s curved and clumped with moss and dirt. Groot looks bendable and much more in line with baby Groot.

A revised drawing of Groot shows him looking more like his current form.

groot 3

The different incarnations of a single character are really interesting. Groot looks a lot more like a human in the version Marvel settled on. 

Which Groot do you like best?


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