This Is What Viktor Krum From ‘Harry Potter’ Looks Like Now

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If you’re a true Harry Potter fanatic, then you certainly remember Viktor Krum, the Bulgarian bonbon. Krum rolled up on the scene in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, slaying the game as the seeker on the Bulgarian National Quidditch Team during the Quidditch World Cup. A month later, he showed up again at Hogwarts as a visiting student from Durmstrang competing in the Triwizard Tournament and stealing Hermione’s heart at the Yule Ball.

Viktor certianly wasn’t as smart as Hermione (but who is?), however he served his purpose as a fine but simple lad. Though Krumonie never really manifested fully, our favorite witch still held a soft spot in her heart for the hunky dude who loved to watch her study. It’s been nearly 11-years since actor Stan Yanevski first introduced us to Viktor Krum, flip the card to see what Krum looks like now!


Obviously there needs to be a Harry Potter spin off focusing on Krum’s life in Bulgaria. Seriously with that beard and those tats we could watch him all day. Or, at the very least, someone needs to call HBO and put him in some Dothraki gear!


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