Thomas Kreschmann Is Cast as a Nazi for the 14th Time in...

Thomas Kreschmann Is Cast as a Nazi for the 14th Time in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

Thomas Kretschmann
VALKYRIE, Thomas Kretschmann, 2008. United Artists/courtesy Everett Collection

Thomas KretschmannUnited Artists via Everett Collection

The 14th time’s the charm, right?

German actor Thomas Kretschmann has been cast as a villain in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. The actor has quite a diverse résumé, which includes his role as the Nazi in Downfall, and the Nazi in Valkyrie, the Nazi in Stalingrad, the Nazi in the other Stalingrad, or the titular Nazi in Eichmannbut the role that the actor is most famous for is probably the Nazi from The Pianist. In The Avengers sequel, Kreschmann is set to play Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, a supervillain from the Marvel comics. Oh, and a Nazi.

Kretschmann has played and uncomfortable amount of Nazis in his day. His IMDb page is crammed with more Nazis than a German U-boat, and our final tally for the actor is a staggering 14 times goosestepping on the widescreen. That’s a heil of a lot of Nazis. The character Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker, whose name sounds like someone threw a book called How to Name Your Nazi Baby into a shredder and picked out strips of paper at random, is a classic Marvel universe villain that served as leader of the terrorist organization, HYDRA. The character and James Spader’s Ultron will serve as the film’s primary antagonists.