‘Thor 2’ May Be Hammered Out by ‘Monster’ Director Patty Jenkins

ThorThe Marvel universe is actually slightly larger than the regular universe now, and it is a plane of existence where sequels reign supreme.

The latest in news concerning the cinematic revolution of Stan Lee’s superhero team The Avengers revolves around the fallen god of Thor, whose sequel has been on the horizon since about three minutes after the first movie’s premiere. The follow-up murmurs come in the form of a Thor 2 director possibility: Patty Jenkins, who is most famous for her 2003 Charlize Theron film Monster.

Jenkins did wonders with Monster (a film she also wrote), the true story of a Florida prostitute who takes up the hobby of serial killing. Although it’s likely intimidating to take the sequel of such a successful film, and one directed by a man (Kenneth Branagh) who regularly ties up the Shakespeare world pretty effectively. But Jenkins is no slouch. Her directing credits also involve a handful of television shows, including Arrested Development (awesome!), The Killing (don’t worry, not the finale) and Entourage (we’ll let that slide). So Thor 2, prepare to be directed. Well, that is.

In other Marvelous news, Chris Evans has made mention that we likely won’t be seeing another Captain America movie for three years, give or take. Evans will of course appear as the character in The Avengers next May, but will not be part of the excessive crossovers this jungle of movies is known for. Captain America 2 will eventually find its way into our lives, however, likely in the neighborhood of 2014.

Source: Deadline, Indiewire