Thor, Excuse Me, But Your Giant Hammer Is Ruining My TV Reception — POSTER

You’d imagine that it would be pretty swanky to be an Avenger. An unstoppable force of superhuman power, fighting for good alongside fellow permutations of the limits of mortal might. But there are downsides, too. The Hulk can’t control his temper. Iron Man must have an outrageous dry cleaning bill (they charge extra for metal daywear). And as for Thor, well, everywhere he goes, lightning seems destined to follow.

The latest poster for Chris Hemsworth’s second standalone Marvel feature, Thor: The Dark World, showcases the Asgardian demigod gripping his weapon of choice — the hammer — amid a storm of electric chaos. 

Credit: Marvel

Now, we understand that the summoning of various meteorological elements could come in handy on the battlefield (or if you’re just Really not in the mood to play kickball at gym), but what about when you’re just trying to relax, kick back at a friend’s loft, and watch some Murder She Wrote? This unstoppable field of lightning has got to be murder on the cable reception…

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