Three Contend For Superman’s Leading Lady, But Not Lois Lane

Diane KrugerIn a shocking turn of events (at least to this comic book geek), Variety claims that Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures upcoming Superman reboot is ready to fly without Lois Lane. Instead, one lucky lady will play an undisclosed role as leading lady to Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent in The Man of Steel.

According to the source, Alice Eve, Diane Kruger and Rosamund Pike are being considered by the studio for the part. These three bombshell’s vary in age and experience, but one is likely to work with Zack Snyder on his highly anticipated film that Christopher Nolan is producing and his brother Jonah, along with veteran genre scribe/producer David Goyer, is writing.

Eve made lots of heads turn in breakout roles this year in WB’s Sex and the City 2 and Paramount’s She’s Out Of My League. She’s a real stunner and will certainly ensure that hordes of horny teen boys will flock to theaters come December 2012, when the film is set to release. On the other hand, both Pike and Kruger have cut their teeth on past big-budget productions. Pike starred as a villainess in 2002’s James Bond entry Die Another Die in addition to the 2009 dud Surrogates. She’s balanced out her resume with prestigious pictures like An Education, Pride and Prejudice and, most recently, Barney’s Version.

Kruger is perhaps the most well known of them all, with credits including Troy, National Treasure and Inglourious Basterds under her belt. On February 18th, she co-stars in Warner’s Unknown, opposite Liam Neeson. Having worked for the studio in the past, and taking into account her higher profile career, I’m going to call her the true front-runner in this high stakes race (at least until the next batch of potentials are announced).

Source: Variety