TIFF 2012: Renée Zellweger Makes Directorial Debut with ‘4 1/2 Minutes’



Since kicking off her career in the early ’90s, Renée Zellweger has been a largely polarizing actress: some love her, some… not so much. Even in some of her more universally acclaimed movies, like Jerry Maguire and Chicago, Zellweger has faced adversity for her performances. With this dichotomy of opinion, Zellweger is sure to earn some interesting reactions with her new project 4 1/2 Minutes, the actress’ directorial debut.

The project, announced at the Toronto International Film Festival, and reported by Deadline, will star Zellweger and Johnny Knoxville in a story about a standup comedian (the Jackass headliner) whose life and career are significantly affected by the presence of the single mom (Zellweger) of a young genius. One can find a few similarities between this story and that of Jerry Maguire, the film that launched Zellweger to fame.

The script, written by Anthony Tambakis (Warrior), is reportedly based on the life of New Jersey-born comedian/actor Dov Davidoff.


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