Tim Burton Brings In His Friends For ‘Frankenweenie’

Tim BurtonIt might be safe to say that Tim Burton is nepotistic. He likes who he works with, so he keeps working with them. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but it does have the potential to make casting announcements less than exciting.

So with a half hearted woo, we bring you news of Burton’s next film, Frankenweenie. A stop motion, black and white, feature length adaptation of his 1982 live action short, Burton announced a few of the parts. Winona Ryder, she of Edward Scissorhand and Beetlejuice lineage, shall play Elsa. Martin Landau, who has Burton to thank for his Oscar in Ed Wood, shall play Mr. Rzykruski.

Then we have Martin Short (Mars Attacks!) and Catherine O’Hara (Beetlejuice again) pulling an Eddie Murphy and voicing five characters each. Neither will be playing the lead, who hasn’t been announced yet. Fingers crossed that Short’s characters will sound like Jiminy Glick or Uncle Jack. Dragon! To the nuts!

We have to wonder though with Short and O’Hara hogging ten characters between them if that left none for Burton staple Johnny Depp and Burton wife Helena Bonham Carter. I bet that would make for an awkward dinner conversation. “Hey sweetie, hear you just cast your new movie? What’s my part?” “Oh, well Catherine O’Hara is playing five parts so you don’t really need to worry about this one.” Then this picture happens.

Source: Deadline